First equipment brought to the brewery before being set up.

First equipment brought to the brewery before being set up.


our roots

It all started with a gift that Brian, President and Brewmaster of 2 Row Brewing, was given by his wife DeDe in 2010. It was a first-time homebrew kit that seemed like a fun, one-time activity for Brian to feel accomplished in making his own beer. But similarly to most homebrewers, that process got him hooked and he suddenly found himself making five gallon batches of beer. It never really sank in that he was making a product desirable to many people until he entered some homebrew competitions, and won awards in just about every category he entered.

In about five years, that beer kit evolved into a fully fledged home brewery as Brian pursued the elusive Perfect Beer. Then on one fateful day, as he was daydreaming while looking at brewery equipment for sale, he came across a listing for a three barrel brewhouse with six barrel tanks in Georgia. Instead of moving on a saying "maybe someday", he made the call and booked the flight.

After striking the deal Brian took apart the equipment and loaded the five tons of stainless steel into a rented box van. He drove it clear across the country from Georgia to good ol' Utah on a perilous journey that consisted of driving through a tornado in Nebraska and the truck almost completely falling over with the brewery in it while trying to park on the side of the road in rural Alabama. Fate wouldn't keep Utah from getting 2 Row Brewing.

To this day, Brian and the stellar team he put together continue to make award-winning beer, keeping customers on their feet for what's next.